The Underage Feminist Cookies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to young girls (ages 6-10 years old) who are passionate about positively impacting their community.

Our Mission and Vision

The Underage Feminist (TUF) Cookies exists to build the voice of young feminists of color to advocate for women's rights and the rights of their community, in and out the classroom, by instilling in them values of responsibility, curiosity and  compassion so that they may whip sweet ideas that will make their community stronger.

 Our Values 

Social responsibility 

We vow to act for the benefit of our community. 


We vow to understand the feelings and thoughts of others. 

Cultural Humility

We vow to be open to different people, ideas, cultures, and experiences because they challenge us to be better people.


We vow to seek understanding before we make plans to change our communities. 

Promoting Dialogue 

We vow to be open to difficult conversations because we know that they help us to make the adequate change for our community. 


We vow to learn ourselves, love ourselves, reflect on our choices, and challenge ourselves to fulfill our greatest potential.